Temple Fitness

  • What beats group support? NOTHING! MFG Temple Fitness Group Training provides religious organizations the fun group exercise with the benefit of having a certified personal trainer leading the workout. Group training¬† consists of 5 or more people seeking to improve their overall health and fitness training together in the same session. It’s like having your own little support group.

    Group work outs enhance accountability, team ethics, structure, and bonding. The support of the group is the greatest motivator. Start your Temple Fitness Group TODAY!

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  • 7

    I am very proud of my achievements with the Temple Fitness Program. I have lost some inches and my endurance is better

    -Sharon Thomas






  • 6

    I lost inches in my waist. The instructors pushed me to do what It takes to reach my goals.

    – Alva Collier





  • 5

    I am most proud of my achievement to make the time to workout. Exercising with others is motivating and fun. And I lost weight.

    – Karen Cardona




  • 4

    I enjoyed exercising with the ladies at FMBC (First Missionary Baptist Church). The group made it fun. I looked forward to coming out. The workout was awesome. The instructors would not let us give up. They are all excellent instructors

    – Chattie Wheeler





  • 2

    The achievement that I am most proud of is that I was able to complete the course and that I could feel and see the results. This was a great “love and hate” relationship that benefited me.

    -Cynthia Wilson




  • 3

    I enjoyed working with the instructors. They made exercising fun, very personable, and easy going. I totally enjoyed their enthusiasm.

    -Jacquelyn H.