Jamar W.

  • Jamar



    The body is a piece of artwork and every art deserves a master.

    The trainers at Master Fitness have not just mastered the art of working out, they also supplement it with core nutritional principles. I have learned how to properly energize and empower my body to blast through some of the most challenging workouts. I am now healthier and leaner after burning unwanted fat and replacing it with muscle mass. The experience I’ve received has transformed my lifestyle. My confidence has been boosted, I am rooted in my health, and I take pride in my body.

    There are many training programs here in Gainesville but only one has demonstrated the drive and dedication to help me achieve my fitness goals. You WILL give out before you give up.
    y stomach and upper body. I love the positive attitude that Eugene has, it radiates to his clients. I would recommend this type of training to anyone.