• nancy2


    I first learned of MFG from my son and my boyfriend who, after only one workout session with Guru Johnson, were so impressed they signed up for the tag team package. I was in the market for a trainer so I joined my son and boyfriend on one of their sessions and really liked the knowledge, variety, energy and intensity Guru Johnson showed, so I decided to sign up for individual sessions. While the cost of training is not cheap, it is only a drop in the bucket when compared to medical costs associated with being overweight or obese.. As the saying goes, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. I have had a few sessions now with Guru Johnson and I am very pleased with the way he listens to me and encourages me to always reach for my full potential. His routines are never boring and always challenging. However, while I have had other trainers who have shared they secretly get “pleasure from seeing clients in pain”, I have never felt pain was the Guru’s goal. In fact, while I have had some sore days, I am pleasantly surprised to find that I have had maximum gain with minimum pain. I am confident that with MFG I will be able to reach my short and long term health and fitness goals: short term to reduce body fat and discover the “hot” 50 yr old hiding beneath and ultimately to live a long, active life with few if any medications or walkers in my future.