Shawn H.

  • Shawn H.


  • Easy Work, Hard Work

    At the age of nearly 34 years, I had recently come to the realization that I was getting lazy in the gym. Body fat percentage was going up, I did not feel motivated, in fact I was bored with working out. I was just going through the motions like it was a second job.

    I started working out with my friend Brad and together our competitive nature pushed us a little harder. I noticed a slight improvement, but expectations of feeling physically strong, powerful, explosive, energetic to the extent of my early 20′s, I did not have high hopes for.

    Along came Eugene Johnson of Master Fitness Gurus. Brad and Eugene struck up a conversation at the gym, as they knew each other from high school. Eugene offered us a complimentary training session once we let him know that we were truly trying to get our bodies back in shape.

    I was hooked from the very first workout. The intensity with what he trained us was several notches above what me and Brad had been doing on our own. Something about the passion, fire, intensity, and positivity that Eugene exudes, gets me fired up. He is able to push my buttons so not only does he challenge me, but I again find that I am challenging my self.

    Over the last several weeks, I have found that my stamina and endurance has increased significantly. He trains all of the different energy systems over the course of your workouts. My goals are to feel good, look good, increase strength, endurance, athleticism, speed, agility, etc. I can tell I am on my way to doing just that. My confidence with Eugene spotting me, pushing me, etc, is getting me used to using heavier weights again.

    After being 4 or 5 weeks in to our training together, I have noticed more definition while retaining muscle mass, my endurance and energy levels are increased, and I am feeling very explosive. After a hard week of training, I am sitting here at the computer writing this testimonial, but I feel like I want to do a set of explosive cleans, or sprint a few 60 yard sprints. I am amazed that my body and mind after a few short weeks of training with Eugene is telling me, “give me some more, give me some more”.

    If you are reading this and considering Eugene’s services, I can vouch for the fact you will be glad you did. He pushes you hard, but it is the most fun hour you will have all day. You will find yourself looking forward to your next training session. He does not put you through cookie cutter workouts. His workouts are customized to you and your goals. He does not stand there and go through the motions. He works as hard training you, as you do in your workout. You can tell Eugene loves what he does. On a scale of 1 to 10, he is a solid 10. I also am a value oriented person. Not only are his training sessions superior to what I have experienced in the past, but his prices are competitive as well. Shop around and see what the competition is charging. Now picture paying less and getting more.

    I without a doubt plan to continue training with Eugene for the long term. I feel great. It is an awesome feeling to be able to raise my expectations of what I previously thought was possible.

    Easy work, hard work…